My Background and Qualifications

My Background:
My own personal therapy was a turning point in my life as I became aware of how important self esteem and confidence is to make your own choices and not always to make choices to please others.

After completing a person centred diploma I soon realised the importance of building good relationships, a vital and important ingredient of human nature.

However, at any stage of life a relationship can start to become stale, this can cause a great deal of suffering and can have a devastating and wide-reaching effect.
Working with couples, families and young people has been a very inspirational journey for me to be able to offer hope to people who are stuck in behaviour together that is destructive to all....People ARE complicated, everything we do, say and think now is tied up with the experiences of our entire lives. Two people can have an apparently identical experience but both will view it differently because of the different feelings that they bring to it.

A relationship is like a plant, unless it is watered and nourished it will fade away and die, rather than flourish and grow in a healthy meaningful way.

I have completed a Masters Degree in Relationship Therapy and have worked with Young People and Children face to face in schools and online, to help them to make sense of the world and what is happening around them.

"all you need is love" The Beatles


Sessions & Fees

Sessions are usually on the same day (Monday to Friday) and at the same time on a weekly basis but other arrangements are possible.


Online Counselling

Instead of visiting a counselling setting, all the therapy can take place in a private secure online “chat” room.