I am a highly qualified, experienced and approachable Couples and Family Counsellor. I worked for RELATE for many years helping people to build strong foundations in their own relationships and to help couples and families to work through tough times and re-build a new relationship.

MA (distinct.) Relationship Therapy
BACP Accredited Therapist
U.K.C.P Independent Registered Psychotherapist
Post Graduate Diploma in Couples Therapy
Diploma Person Centred Therapy
Certificate Counselling Children/Adolescents - Relate & CMHC London
Certificate Family Counselling
EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner
Clinical Supervisor BPS Reg.
Diploma in Sex Addiction, accredited by CPCAB

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9th Mar 2011

Royal Wedding importance of marriage

As William and Kate approach the 29th April and the day that will be the start of their married life together......what a truly magical day this will be for them and for everyone that will be able to watch the ceremony either in person or on the TV. I wonder what makes you fall in love with someone? Is there anything that you should know about yourself or the person that you fall in love with right from the start that perhaps will make things easier for a relationship later on when the passionate, exciting and intoxicating feelings start to wear off at times? What is this “thing” called love?

These questions are so important and yet how many couples ask these questions before they commit to each other.....either in marriage or not. How do you know that what you are feeling is love and the “real thing” and that just because you feel love that you will be compatible with the other person and that the relationship will work. Have you ever asked yourself these questions and reached any answers? Most people never talk about their hopes and expectations of a relationship mainly because they are not sure what they are!!!!! do you?