Online Counselling

Online counselling is also known as e-therapy and instead of visiting an office or counselling setting, all the therapy takes place in a private secure “chat” room as this can feel more like a conversation where you can explore any difficulties that you may be facing in a safe and secure way.

How does it work?

Instant “chat” sessions

Instead of talking about whatever is happening in your life, you can either write about in a live real time therapeutic “session” with me. This can be a convenient and useful way of accessing therapy and one of the advantages is that you can re-visit my response, if via e-mail, or the transcript of the “session” if in real time to give yourself the time to process and re-process what we have spoken about together

E-mail Counselling

Alternatively you can send me an e-mail with up to 700 words describing whatever you feel that you need support with. Some people feel that working in this way enables them to say more than they would in a face to face setting and to feel freer to say more about what the issue is that has brought them into counselling.

How do you access Live Sessions or E-mail Sessions?

I use a product called "Zoom" for live sessions as it encrypts messages so they cannot be read by someone else if they are intercepted and for webcam for sessions I use "Zoom" if you feel more comfortable with this.


Because of the nature of accessing therapy online it is essential that you provide and protect your own privacy. Therefore it is essential that if you will be using a family or shared computer that you ensure you have in place your own e-mail address and/or a password that will protect the work that we do together and remain confidential.

Please note that with effect from 1st July 2020 some of my charges will be increased as per sessions and fees page

Online Counselling

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