What is Anxiety, Panic and Stress

Given that you’ve come to this part of my website, the chances are that you’re looking for practical support in working through emotional stress and crisis, panic attacks and long standing anxiety issues – which could be related to a relationship breakdown or a current relationship, work issue, misery old or new of which you’ve just had enough…..

In my experience, with clients and in life, anxiety is almost always at some level a learned behaviour, That’s why when supporting people who struggle with persistent, sometimes free-floating anxiety that won’t go away, we approach it together, rather as we might tackle the impact of trauma, often using EMDR as a tool to work down into the roots of experiences, usually in childhood, when you first began to respond to the world in this way.

Experiencing the absolute terror of a panic attack, that can appear out of the blue, can leave you feeling that you might actually be dying and it can seem as though you would do anything to never experience those feelings again. Your heart is beating so fast, you feel sick, sweating, the tension in your muscles might make you feel as if you are about to pass out, feeling breathless and dizzy. For most people these feelings are so violent that they actually believe that they are about to die, that this must be a heart attack or some fatal experience.

Anxiety is a feeling and feelings are automatic, responses to stimuli, which come from a primitive part of your nervous system. Feeling anxious might be unpleasant and confusing at times, but it is not a matter of choice.

Don’t judge yourself for having anxiety. Having anxiety does not mean you are weak, stupid, anxiety is a feeling – feelings originate in the survival part of your nervous system which tends to treat everything as a threat until proven otherwise. Having anxiety is human.

Anxiety tends to take your attention away from the present. This can prevent you from enjoying life. Anxious people often feel disconnected from what is going on around them.

EMDR is part of a revolutionary change in our understanding regarding the role of the brain in physical and emotional pain and consequently how to treat such problems….One of the most important antidotes to feeling anxious is feeling SAFE.

If you need help to rid yourself of these terrifying feelings EMDR is proven to be a successful therapy to stop and banish them by getting to the root cause of what is happening in your body.

Remember you do not have to suffer a moment longer, you can access EMDR by calling me, Sue Wilkes on 07831 169635 or e-mail me on Don't take my word for it, come and try EMDR for yourself.