My Approach

This combines ideas from my psychodynamic and systemic training and experience.

Let me explain what this means from your point of view:

What does psychodynamic mean?

The psychodynamic part of the work focuses on looking at “unconscious connections” that may be affecting how you deal with a current situation in your life now, as a result of some things that are learned in life, especially as a child. By exploring early experiences in life which might have influenced your thoughts, views and beliefs this can help you to link and connect to them and understand yourself in a more positive light as choices and change start to become a reality for you.

For example, together we might explore your early family experiences which have influenced perhaps the situation that you find yourself in now in your current life and why you react to situation and behaviours from others the way that you do

What does systemic mean?

The systemic part of the work means we talk about what is going on, on the outside of you. For example, together we might have a conversation about your significant relationships past and present that may affect and influence what is going on now and how you operate within this “system” that you belong to.

Through this exploration, you become more aware of the beliefs and opinions that may have influenced your life and behaviour. More awareness means you can make conscious choices about which of these ideas and belief systems are right for you.

Letting go of some unhelpful beliefs systems, as well as embracing some new ones, can lead to changes in behaviour that will have a positive impact on your life and your relationships.


Sessions & Fees

Sessions are usually on the same day (Monday to Friday) and at the same time on a weekly basis but other arrangements are possible.


Online Counselling

Instead of visiting a counselling setting, all the therapy can take place in a private secure online “chat” room.