Sessions and Fees

Sessions are Monday to Friday, day and evening appointments available

Saturday morning appointments available subject to availability

All Sessions must be paid in full either by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Cancellation Policy: Less than 24 hours notice requires the fee to be paid in full, less than 48 hours notice 50% of fee to be paid.

Individual therapy £50 per session of 60 minutes
Couple therapy £60 per session of 60 minutes
Family Counselling £70 per session of 60 minutes
Sex Addiction work £60 per session of 60 minutes
EMDR Therapy £60 per hour
EMDR Supervision £70 per 60 minutes

On-line counselling - £50 per session of either live “chat sessions” or live “web cam” sessions via Zoom, which can be downloaded free via the following link and is a convenient way of accessing therapy from your home

With love comes heartache, this is a fact of life and not as negative as it seems as first. If you don't care deeply for someone disagreements and problems will only be a passing annoyance...the more someone matters to you, the more you will mind when things between you go wrong.

The Problems that arise in every relationship test your love - but they can also add to it....the heartache love brings can eventually increase your love. I know as a relationship counsellor that happiness in a relationship does not depend on harmony...meeting problems together and in the right way deepens love, and couples who learn to tackle differences positively can survive even serious crises.

Working through problems together so that there is no winner or loser has a transforming effect on love, it gives it strength and flexibility and allows you to trust in its power to unitte you. Love that has never been tested is fragile....problems can therefore be a good thing!!!